Joachim Boudens

Hertog Jan Restaurant Group

“I was immediately impressed by The Herbalist gin, not least because it is a gin that contains a huge variety of herbs, many of which we also grow in our own garden. It is also unusual, remarkable even, that this gin is made naturally! Its fine and delicate character perfectly matches our Hertog Jan philosophy, in which we strive for both purity and clarity.” — Joachim Boudens, HERTOG JAN

“Clear and translucent, colourless, with a nice sparkle in the glass, moderate viscosity.”

After pouring:
“The first thing that strikes me is the aroma of fresh herbs, in the broadest sense of the word. I can smell fresh green herbs, followed by the scent of flowers, especially lavender. There is citrus peel as well. You also immediately notice the alcohol and the typical fragrance of juniper berries. Fortunately, this fragrance does not dominate but is subtly interwoven with the other floral and herbal aromas. Last but not least, there are hints of earthiness and spices.”

After swirling:
“The aromas grow stronger: the herbs, flowers and citrus fruit all become more prominent.

The alcohol is more present as well. The gin opens itself and the earthy tones rise to the surface.”

“I can clearly feel the warmth of the alcohol and there is a hint of spiciness in the taste. This spiciness reminds me of pepper and other spices, which adds a certain zest. In the finish juniper, citrus and especially lavender are all present. It is this last flavour that I want to emphasize in my recipe for The Herbalist gin & tonic, by selecting a Mediterranean tonic that also contains lavender.”

Joachim Boudens is the co-owner of Hertog Jan Restaurant Group, together with the celebrated chef, Gert De Mangeleer.

Favourite recipes

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