The story

The Herbalist

Our meticulous distillation process combines time-honored tradition with modern craftsmanship. From carefully selected botanicals to master-distillers, mixologists and the R&D team of KeyPharm, each step embodies our commitment to producing a gin of unparalleled quality.

Pronounced aromas of herbs (juniper, pepper, ginger, rosemary, angelica, gentian, cardamom, coriander, marjoram, etc.), with floral undertones (lavender, rose, etc.), the scent of leaves (eucalyptus, pine, myrtle, green tea, etc.) and hints of citrus fruits (lime, mandarin) and berries (açaí, maqui, etc.).

The result

The result is a unique gin with a fine and delicate aroma, complex in nature yet nicely balanced.

Faber quisque
fortunae suae

Each is the creator of
his own happiness

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