Hertog Jan Style

Hertog Jan Style


The Herbalist Gin 4.5 ml
Buddha Ama tea 4.5 ml
Large ice cube 1
Little ice cubes 5
Lime juice 1.5 ml
Bitter Truth ‘Jerry Thomas’ (you can use angostura bitters as an alternative) 3 drops
Sprig of rosemary 1
Fever-Tree Ginger Ale 5 ml


A long drink glass, tumbler or a large wine glass.


  • Make the tea, using 1 l of hot water and 10 gr of Buddha Ama tea. Let this brew for 5 min, strain off the leaves and cool.
  • Set fire to a dry rosemary branch and collect the released smoke by holding the wine glass upside down over the branch.
  • Fill this smoked glass with the ice cubes, 3 ml of Buddha Ama tea, 1.5 ml of lime juice and 3 drops of The Bitter Truth.
  • Add 4.5 ml of The Herbalist Gin.
  • Finish with a sprig of fresh rosemary.

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