Summer Apéritif

Light and rosé coloured refreshing aperitif drink, bringing out the citrus elements of The Herbalist, highlighted by the freshness of the fennel seeds from the Midi. Perfect for brunch.


The Herbalist Gin 30 ml
Lillet Blanc 30 ml
Midi Aperitif (Belgian) 30 ml
Grapefruit Bitters 1/2 bar spoon
Grapefruit juice 2 bar spoons


To make this aperitif drink, you will need bar tools like a mixing glass, jigger, strainer, bar spoon, citrus juicer, and ice cubes for serving the ingredients. A double old-fashioned glass.


  • Stir in a mixing glass. Fine strain into a double old fashioned glass, over a big chunks of ice.
  • Add a grapefruit twist, and garnish with edible flowers, such as geranium, dianthus.

Mixology: Katalin Bene, (BarWoman of the year 2019).

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