Freezer Martini

Mix and pour the ingredients into a clean airtight glass container. Leave it in the freezer for at least 2 hours. The best is overnight. Can be left in the freezer for weeks.


The Herbalist Gin 360 ml
Mancino Secco 90 ml
Tio Pepe Fino Sherry 90 ml
Still water 90 ml
Angostura Orange Bitters 2 bar spoons
Organic eucalyptus essential oil
1 very tiny drop


To make a Freezer Martini cocktail, you will need bar tools like a mixing glass or airtight glass container, jigger, strainer, bar spoon for measuring, mixing, and serving the ingredients. A citrus peeler or zester for garnish. A freezer or ice for glass chilling. A coupette or Martini glass.


  • Make sure you don´t add more essential oil then requested, otherwise it will overpower the drink.
  • Simply pour into chilled Martini glasses, finish with lemon twist, and share with your friends.

This is a true secret weapon. It can be left in the freezer even for weeks, it might get slushy, but simply remove from the freezer, shake the bottle, and leave it on the kitchen counter for 10 minutes.
This is an ideal Martini when you have a long day, and want to have a nice cold Martini, without any effort, and without worrying about the right technique, about the dilution, temperature, the right ice type etc.
Pour, sip and enjoy.

Mixology: Katalin Bene, (BarWoman of the year 2019).

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