Claudio Dell' Anno

Claudio Dell’ Anno

CICCIO, 1* Michelin

The rebel

“Very fresh in the nose, spicy and with a strong hint of citrus fruits. It is a mild gin that is also delicious to drink neat (on the rocks). It is a gin with many different herbs, but we focus especially on the citrus notes, because we work a lot with citrus fruits in our kitchen. In our version of the gin & tonic, we use Amalfi lemons, a hint of Limoncello and mint, which results in a really fresh and thirst-quenching aperitif.

For the cocktail, we based ourselves on the classic Negroni, which we have freshened up with blood orange juice. We also made sure that the alcohol level was kept within reasonable limits.”

Claudio Dell'Anno can best describe himself as a rebellious, off-the-cuff, last-minute improviser; perhaps a little nonchalant, but also professional, impulsive and passionate.

He is 110% committed to his great love: modern Italian cuisine. He often tries to create modern versions of classic Italian dishes. Together with his team, he also wants to adapt the aperitifs and appetizers to this Italian philosophy, so they are constantly on the look-out for new things.